Three Mercedes-Benz Models Take Home Impressive Awards

April 6th, 2015 by

One of the high points of the year for automakers comes at the New York International Auto Show, where automotive insides count the votes to see which car has won one of the prestigious World Car of the Year titles. This year, Mercedes-Benz didn’t just win in World Performance Car and World Luxury Car of the year categories, but took home the big one, too.

We’re proud to announce that of the three awards Mercedes-Benz won, the penultimate World Car of the Year title went to the all-new C-Class. This is pretty exciting for the German automaker, which has been seeing rave reviews on its entire lineup for quite some time now. The other winners were the Mercedes-AMG® GT (World Performance Car) and S-Class Coupe (World Luxury Car).

Want to learn more about why the C-Class won? Check out this video below.

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