Stopping for a Meal in La Rioja

March 31st, 2016 by

SLCAnyone feeling hungry for a little grilled goat? Or perhaps some “dulce de cayote” with “nueces y quesillo,” a dessert that contains fig, goat cheese, and walnuts? Then you may want to head to La Rioja, Argentina, where a Mercedes-Benz GLA recently took a road trip. A piece recounts the journey, through discovering the restaurant that serves the above.

“The driving experience through La Rioja intensively stimulates all of the five senses,” reads the piece. “As soon as the fragrantly warm air intermingles with the sight of breathtaking landscapes, regional food will become a necessary complement for the experience. This is when the ‘Parrillada la Palmera’ comes in.”

If what you’re really craving is a new Mercedes-Benz, come out to Mercedes-Benz of Beaumont at 1865 I-10 South and take a new model for a test drive.

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