Mercedes-Benz Links SUVs to Sedans for a More Intuitive Model Lineup

November 19th, 2015 by

GLCYou may have noticed some changes to the new Mercedes-Benz lineup in Beaumont; namely, the disappearance of the Mercedes-Benz M-Class.

Or, should we say… the re-birth of the M-Class.

Discriminating luxury car drivers will notice that the M-Class has been replaced by a competitive new midsize sport utility vehicle, named the Mercedes-Benz GLE. You’ll also soon notice that the GLK has disappeared, and in its place comes the all-new Mercedes-Benz GLC. There’s a reason to the madness, though.

To create a simpler and more intuitive shopping experience for drivers, Mercedes-Benz is leading a re-branding effort meant to better align their models. The C-Class-inspired SUV adopts linking letter “C” into its GL moniker. The E-Class-based GLE does the same.

Meet the new Mercedes-Benz GLC here, and contact our Beaumont dealership for more information on the model, on availability, and how you can get yours.

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